22 August 2012

Japanese 2-Tier Microwave Tray – 40% OFF


For the busy people with little time to spare to prepare dinner,  Japanese 2-Tier Microwave Tray from WhiteMy is a real lifesaver!

Save time and energy by doubling the capacity of your microwave. This ingenious Japanese design allows you to microwave two dishes at once - pretty nifty! 

The 2-tier tray can also be flipped upside down to hold one dish, and its legs are easily foldable to make for convenient storage.


Tray: 24 x 24 x 2.5cm
Lid: 23.3 x 23.3 x 6cm


1. Do not use this product for preparing or defrosting frozen food.
2. During use, wipe off any oil or moisture that comes into contact with the product as this can result in overheating.
3. Do not use this product for over 6 minutes at a time in a 600W microwave.

Shipping cost :

Peninsular Malaysia : Free Shipping
East Malaysia : Free Shipping

WhiteMy is now offering this Japanese 2-Tier Microwave Tray for only RM12 

(40% OFF).

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