10 November 2012

Global Handwashing Day

FACT: October 15 was Global Handwashing Day! As one of the world’s leading germ-protection soap brands, Lifebuoy is on a mission to promote a healthier Malaysia with its “Malaysia, Jom Lebih Sihat!” campaign! 
All you need to do is to pledge via their FB page to wash your hands with soap before eating! If they reach their target of 50,000 pledges, Lifebuoy will contribute RM10,000 towards improving the toilet facilities in selected schools in Klang Valley. Now isn’t that a worthy cause?

So get pledging, and remember to wash up before every meal!
We should make this life-saving practice of washing hands a regular habit. Washing hands alone with water is not enough! It's significantly less effective than washing hands with soap. Washing hands with soap also leaves hands clean with pleasant smell.

Clean hands, save lifes! Join us to pledge to wash your hands before eating!

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