04 December 2012

This festive - Why Malaysians shop online

Malaysians chose to shop online for the same reasons many others around the world do so - hassle free

Shopping, like eating, is an unofficial national sport beloved to Malaysians. Festive seasons in particular give us more reason to shop but there are those who detest going out, waiting, and dealing with crowds. For that online shopping is where salvation lies. 

Fellow shopaholics across the nation intend to do 46% of their festive shopping online to avoid hassle, spending an average of twelve times online shopping for clothes, bags and accessories, electronic gadgets, shoes, and fragrances.

According to the latest PayPal study as conducted by GfK, Malaysians chose to shop online due to the convenience of browsing and paying wherever you are, reading reviews on sale items, getting the best bargains are appealing factors.

The PayPal study also indicates that nearly half (47%) of Malaysians will use their mobile devices to shop an average of three times or more per month. Using online retail stores apps as well as location-based shopping apps, Malaysians intend to get every bang for their buck looking for the best deals and sales promotion.

The hassle though, includes the likes of shipping hurdles, buying things you do not need, not having buyer protection policies and losing important information can be avoided. Making a shopping list, paying attention to the fine print, and having a digital wallet such as PayPal to avoid entering credit card details and other personal details are just a few tips that can go a long way in ensuring a smooth happy transaction.

Still, shopping online remains as an alternative to our favorite past time but more importantly is to shop safely and savvy to avoid unnecessary heartache.

Happy shopping!

by Michele Chia
Published Date : 27 November 2012  

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